Discover Credit Cards – Changing the cashback game

28. February 2018 Cash back 0
Discover Credit Cards – Changing the cashback game

Earning a decent cashback while shopping is every shopper’s dream. Even though there are numerous cashback credit cards out there on the market, it is tough to find a card that can truly fulfill your expectations. However, if there is one brand that comes close to meeting our hopes, it’s Discover. Discover has crafted a whole range of cashback credit cards suitable for regular users, frequent travelers and students.

For instance, with their Discover Cash Back credit card, users can earn up to 5% cashback at different places each quarter every time the offer is activated, and 1% cashback on all other purchases with no limit. However, keep in mind that the 5% cashback can be earned up to a maximum purchase of $1,500 per quarter. In addition to this, the quarterly restriction on places for this attractive cashback may prove to be a negative point for many.

Nonetheless, with zero annual fees and a 0% interest rate for the first 14 months, this is too good a deal to miss. Furthermore, at the end of the first year, Discover will match all the cashback that the user has earned in that period. The cashback earned can be redeemed anytime, anyplace, and in any amount.
Similarly, there is Discover Gas & Chrome Restaurant Card, which is suitable for users who frequently eat out. With this card, patrons can earn 2% cashback at gas stations and restaurants, and 1% on all other eligible transactions. It goes without saying that the 2% cashback deal has a cap on purchases as well, with the amount being $1,000 per quarter. Any additional dollar spent beyond this limit in that quarter will not be considered for the 2% cashback. This card too comes with zero annual fees and 0% interest for the first 14 months.

The Student Cash Back Credit Card is without a doubt, the unique product of all. To begin with, it comes with the usual 5% cashback which can be earned at different places each quarter, on a maximum purchase of $1,500 per quarter. It also has the 1% cashback which can be earned on other transactions, with no limit. However, the card also rewards hardworking students with a cashback. For every school year, if the GPA is 3.0 or better, then Discover will reward the candidate with a $20 cashback. This offer is valid for a maximum of five consecutive years.
Needless to mention, Discover has truly outperformed the rest when it comes to cashback.